Blog 5

Lonny does not have an app. It does have a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page. Lonny also has a newsletter that can be sent to customers via their email. All content is free for readers.

Lonny’s Facebook page does not seem to have a lot of action happening from its readers. Post typically don’t have more than 7 likes from what I have seen. The Pinterest page for Lonny has a little more action, but still not a place to really build a community.

Lonny’s Instagram page on the other had has over 183k in followers, about 30 comments per photo and over 3,000 likes per post too. This seems to be a good place to build the Lonny community. Lonny brings in views by posting design inspiration photos, as well as linking photos to articles on their website, which can help bring views back to the magazine. This seems to be the most successful attempt to building a sense of community for Lonny. Since a big part of home design is about showing off your home, I think this is a good place for Lonny to keep building its’ community.


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